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More Motivation & Executive Coaching/Counseling Topics

PERSONAL 1-to-1 or Corporate Coaching, Counseling or Chaplaincy


  • Marketing Yourself and Being a Star on Your Own Professional Stage
  • Secrets Winning Rainmakers and Networkers Know
  • Keeping Yourself Motivated while Motivating the Team
  • Techniques and Communication Dynamics of Great Leaders
  • Social Survival: Etiquette and Protocol for Success in All Settings
  • Strategies of First Impressions and Images that Make or Break
  • Time and Stress Management for VERY Busy People
  • Understanding Behaviors and Motivations - Yours and Theirs (DISC Behavior Assessments)
  • Powerful Presentation Skills: Everything About You Speaks
  • Thriving in Stressful Times


  • How to Have Positive Attitudes - Even When You Don't 'Feel' Like It
  • Professional Presence and Personal Power
  • Winning with Difficult People - at Work and Home
  • Dealing with Personalities and Motivations - Yours and Theirs*
  • Telephone and Customer Service Excellence for Increased Profits, Less Stress and Outstanding Communication
  • The Outstanding Receptionist: Your Organization's Ambassador
  • Medical and Healthcare Service Excellence for a Superb Reputation
  • Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Business




  • Discovering God's Unique Plan and Gifts for You
  • Improving Relationships
  • Overcoming Loss and Grief
  • Getting Back on Track - after a Set Back
  • Living Your Dreams and Being All You Can Be
  • Building Healthy Esteem, Staying Motivated and Being Happy
  • Achieving Confidence, Composure, and Credibility
  • Getting Past Your Past: Surviving Regrets and Claiming Your Future
  • Overcoming Financial Stress and Mess
  • Identifying Your Strengths: The Real You
  • Social Savvy: Poise, Polish, and Powerful Presence

RELATIONSHIPS: for Couples, Singles, Groups or 1-to-1 Coaching/Counseling

  • "Toxic" to Healthy: You, Your Relationships and More
  • Healing Marriages
  • Healthy Couples Dyamics
  • Meeting Your Match: How, When and What to Do First
  • The First 6 Minutes: Setting the Stage for a Great Beginning
  • Melting Heats by Being Real
  • Fair "Fighting" and Negotiations for Great Communication
  • Don't Burn Bridges: How to "Stay Friends"
  • Recovering What You Almost Lost and Making it Work
  • Turning Disappointment into the Best Opportunity Yet!

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